What does “true” even mean?

“Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.”—Miriam Beard.


When I read this quote it described It summed up everything I had been thinking about my recent trip to Ireland. You can travel and see sights all you want, but the new person you can potentially become, that is the bigger picture and what Travel really is.


When I was still in high school I had all these ambitions of things I wanted to do while I was in college and where I wanted my education to take me, and here I sit writing this paper from the comfort of my couch, still at home. When I was in the tenth grade I remember going on my first long trip. I was on my way to California, and at the time that was the only place I wanted to go, that place was my dream. I wanted to live there, become famous, and have all the perks. Five years later, after my trip to Ireland, I realized that maybe it wasn’t what I wanted in the end.


My trip to Ireland was my first real trip out of the country, and even going on a trip without my family with me. I wanted to make the best of the trip , but at the same time I realized that I was going to miss my family. That is, till I experienced Ireland.

The trip changed me, I like to think it made me a better person. Following the crowd like a lost puppy, agreeing with things I didn’t always agree with, that’s who I used to be. I wandered around helplessly, I couldn’t find the real me. From red hair, to brown, blonde, and many in between. Changing my appearance was the only way I felt I could, I never thought traveling and uncovering the definition of the word true would do the same.

In the dictionary the word true is defined as being in accordance with the actual state or conditions; conforming to reality or fact. In life we hear so much about having true friends, true love, true experiences, being true to yourself. Is that really what we all do and have though? Right before leaving for Ireland, I was sitting in a car with my boyfriend at the time.

No looking at each other.

No conversation.

We’ve been on and off in a relationship for about three years. In that three years arguments occurred, change occurred, breaking up occurred. The first time we broke up was right before thanksgiving. I was sitting in the radio at school. Bright red and black walls stood tall, microphones hung, spinning chairs went in circles. Mariah was the DJ on at the time, and she witnessed all the fighting. From yelling’s nasty names, to making assumptions, instead of fixing the problem at hand, we just ended it. From that point on we had never been right.

While in Ireland I met a guy, and as crazy as it sounds, he made me like him. The butterflies filled my stomach every time we were near each other, the looks we gave each other, the rosy cheeks, everything. It became aware to others. Even though we’ve only known each other for a few weeks, it’s like we’ve known each other a lot longer. Is this true love? I guess we will find out.


A true friends is something everyone wants. Someone they feel they can go to, will always be there, someone there as a constant. While still in high school, I remember sitting in my high school auditorium with a group of friends I’ve known since elementary school. Not a single one of those friends said anything to me before leaving for Ireland. While I was in Ireland, the definition of a true friend came out.


“You’re my best friend, I love you, thank you for everything,” said Mariah, multiple times, every day.

It’s always great to know you have a friend like that who will make sure you’re okay no matter what decisions you make, Mariah proved to me that she was a true friend while in Ireland. During our friendship we’ve had ups and downs, hating each other, and then loving eachother. We bonded over a lot of stupidity, fun, and drama, but that’s what brought us closer in the end.

“I hope you’re happy. You deserve it more than anyone,” said another girl on the trip. I read this message while laying in my dingy hotel bed, looking out the window, watching to traffic fly by. You can all assume a smile crept onto my face.


Being true to yourself and having true experiences go hand in hand in my book. In the beginning of the trip, I would mope around, I wouldn’t want to do anything. Mariah, a student on the trip, planned a pub crawl one night. I wasn’t exactly the most excited to go, I just wasn’t feeling it. I went, and that’s where my experiences started. We went to a restaurant and bar called the Blue Bull. We danced and sang, some of us may have even rode a balloon bicycle, from there we entered D O’Shea’s . Brightly colored pink, live music, locals packed inside, and then there were us. Sixteen American students looking to experience life. We met a group of kids will there, all our age, and none expecting to meet friends. By the end of that night, there was romance involved, friendship blossomed, and people none of us would ever forget. This is where my true experience and being true to myself began. I can happily say by the end of my trip I have the best life I could ever have wanted right now.


From the beginning of my trip , to today as I sit here writing this essay I can admit that I am beyond grateful for everything that has happened to me. I wouldn’t change a single that has happened and even though some wouldn’t agree with my decisions, they made me my happiest. Thanks for everything Ireland.


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